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Participation Terms

Participation Terms:

In the Name of God

Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization

General Information, Regulations and terms

6 - 12 May, 2017

10 a.m - 9 p.m

Please carefully read the "General Information, Regulations and terms" then fill out the following application form and submit it no later than 19 April, 2017 to exhibition headquarters who disclaims any liability incurred in connection with obscure or illegible words.


1-    Each eligible applicant, basedon its production, will be allocated a free of charge area to display products.

            2-   Final location, situation and dimensions of stands are determined by the organizer.

           3-  The organizer reserves the right for acceptance or rejection of the application forms. In case there is no vacant exhibition area before the due time, no application form will be observed. 

4-      Selling displaying goods during the term of exhibition is prohibited.

5-      Location map of the boots will be available to participants from 30 April, 2017.

6-      Participants wishing to install booths with special decorations should obtain the organizer approval. Besides, no unnecessary furniture is permitted.

7-     Stand ground is hand over to the exhibitors on 3 May, 2017, Exhibitor should make the stand ready no later than  2:00 p.m7 May, 2017. If the applicant does not refer at the appointed time to receive the maps and booth, it will be considered as relinquishment. 

8-      Displaying dried and artificial flowers as well as uncommon items is forbidden.

9-  Participants are requested to respect hejab.

10-  Participants are requested to attend their booths half an hour prior to visiting hours till closing hour each day to meet visitors and watch their displaying items.

11-  The organizer reserves the right for closing the booths in which the regulation is not respected.

12-  Participants are not allowed to sublet or share with other real or legal entities the space allocated to him.

13-  Participants are not allowed to advertise their products via negation of the products of the other participants.

14-  Uncommon banners and boards are forbidden. Respecting the regulations and obtaining the approval of headquarter is necessary for any publicity or display.

15-  It is forbidden to use loudspeakers if it causes disturbing sounds.

16-  Participants should remove displays and goods and return the stand to the former state from 8:00 a.m , May 13 till the end of working hour on  May 14, 2017

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